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Gender Equity: one stall for all

Gov. Jerry Brown mandated an amendment of Assembly Bill No. 1732 to include gender inclusive restrooms, according to an announcement made during the…

Confusion in construction

The recently published schedule on the Pierce College website for spring and winter 2017 shows that classes are going to be held in…

Faculty taking action to bring awareness to students from recent robbery incident

Safety is an aspect that campus administration and sheriffs prioritize to ensure an environment fit for study; however, when the few crime incidents…

No pot spots on campus

The approval of Proposition 64 brought concerns to Pierce College faculty and administration regarding the legal use of recreational marijuana in the two…

Location frustration

Hands shaking, stomach quivering with excitement, and then your name is called. Walking on stage is the moment every student is waiting for,…

Foster youth #notastatistic

Foster youth #notastatistic

Soccer cleats, a soft teddy bear, and other emotional evoking images lured people into the Foster Youth Exhibit, where students wearing black T-shirts…

Help needed for IT

Vital improvements to Information Technology (IT) on campus are in question after the Board of Trustees rejected recommendations from Pierce officials to bring…

ASO President steps down

ASO President steps down

Barbara Lombrano, an advocate for student leadership, announced her resignation from her position as ASO President after a year and half due to…

Power outage disrupts morning classes, administration works with DWP

Power went out on campus around 6:24 a.m. this morning Wednesday, Nov. 23, 2016. According to Maria Moe, spokesperson for the Department of…

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Broad shoulders, back straightened with a commanding presence, lead actor for the upcoming production of “Fences” Lester Purry stepped off the stage to guide actors and non-actors alike…

Drama takes the stage, transcending time with themes of overcoming social norms and a universal tale of familial bonds that speaks to audience members across the spectrum with…

Staff members stacked boxes of pizzas in a round table as students went in the Great Hall, ready to have their transfer questions answered by departments and clubs.…

In the air, sliding on the dance floor, men and women dressed in 1930’s-styled sailor suits and floral dresses, swung to the sounds of the brass family. The…

The winter solstice is the longest and darkest night of the year, but in the midst of it, Shab-e Yalda penetrated the night with bright colors, foreign sounds…

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Paz Dressler the 4 year old skater

Mickie Shaw reports on a 4 year old skater in North Hollywood, California.  …

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Moe than meets the eye

Moe than meets the eye

Dancing isn’t just solely body movements, but a sense of self-awareness. One must be conscious of their kinesthetics to achieve confidence, that is what instructor of theatre and…

Imprinting significance through ink

Imprinting significance through ink

Instead of the aroma of cheese and dough, Jared McFarland is now constantly surrounded by the smells of fresh paint and ink, just how he prefers it. He…

A slave to the beat

Dance provides an intricate and elegant pathway across the stage. For dance major Chris de Piazza it has also provided a path for his life. De Piazza, 20,…

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E.N.C.O.R.E The Details are in the Pattern

The E.N.C.O.R.E program offers an opportunity for members of the community to take non-credit quilting classes at Pierce College on Wednesdays and Fridays. Rita Strimer,…

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Distinct voice of dance

Distinct voice of dance

Like singers or poets, choreographers have distinct voices. Get the right group of dance creators in…

The last chapter for London’s greatest fictitious detective

Theatre department delivers a solid performance of the classic play Waiting for Godot

Food Review: Hook Burger

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Fear the walking debt

Fear the walking debt

The Great Recession is over and the nation continues its slow recovery, but the damage has…

Implement a drug policy

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Column: Breakup to move on

Everybody reacts to breakups differently, but there’s a more productive approach to the post-breakup process. It’s…

Column: Health and fitness tips

Pro: Ridesharing apps

Con: Ridesharing apps

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