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Pierce College a “White House Healthy Campus”

Pierce College was declared a “White House Healthy Campus” and three delegates were selected to travel to the White House to participate in…

Strive for an eco-friendly campus

Due to a lack of recycling bins available on campus, ASO senators are urging for a change in the recycling system by getting…

Progress in IT

In the past, there have been many disputes that the school struggles with technology, but what most people don’t know is that it…

Pierce goes to high school

High school students throughout California will soon be able to enroll and take community college credit courses from the comfort of their high…

De-stress before your big test

As the fall semester comes to an end, students must first make it through their final exams before heading home for the holidays.…

UC transfer application extended

Students next year may receive some financial relief from a new online content program, that would eliminate the need to buy expensive textbooks,…

Cafeteria empty no longer

The cafeteria under the Library / Learning Crossroads was vacant since 2014, as Pierce looked for the right cafeteria vendor. That all changed…

Gender Equity: one stall for all

Gender Equity: one stall for all

Gov. Jerry Brown mandated an amendment of Assembly Bill No. 1732 to include gender inclusive restrooms, according to an announcement made during the…

Confusion in construction

Confusion in construction

The recently published schedule on the Pierce College website for spring and winter 2017 shows that classes are going to be held in…

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Those enrolled in college have already taken the first step toward securing a bright future, but many wonder what comes next. On Dec. 8, students filled the Great…

On stage, lights blinded and hearts pounded. Courage struck to let creativity flow out of mind and into tangible form. Spoken word, guitar strings, song and even some…

Tick-tock the time is near. As the end of the fall semester draws to the campus, the musical sounds of the violin and piano will accompany the Encore…

Semesters can be long and boring but students will have the chance to walk through what would seem like a normal classroom door, only to be introduced to…

As the fence gets built, the family’s story unfolds. A well-intentioned, but bitter father chains his family to a pragmatic, realist lifestyle after his youngest son gets recruited…

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Street beat: What if Hillary Clinton was president?

A street beat on if Hillary Clinton became the first woman president.…

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A fix for your social media ticks

In an age where social media has become a second home for many, the thoughts and pictures that make up a timeline can say more about a person…

Fostered youth breaks cycle of abuse

Hitting rock bottom is a sign of failure for most, but for Liliana Flores, 21, it has been a steppingstone to success. Despite the obstacles that life has…

Moe than meets the eye

Moe than meets the eye

Dancing isn’t just solely body movements, but a sense of self-awareness. One must be conscious of their kinesthetics to achieve confidence, that is what instructor of theatre and…

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E.N.C.O.R.E The Details are in the Pattern

The E.N.C.O.R.E program offers an opportunity for members of the community to take non-credit quilting classes at Pierce College on Wednesdays and Fridays. Rita Strimer,…

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Distinct voice of dance

Distinct voice of dance

Like singers or poets, choreographers have distinct voices. Get the right group of dance creators in…

The last chapter for London’s greatest fictitious detective

Theatre department delivers a solid performance of the classic play Waiting for Godot

Food Review: Hook Burger

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Fear the walking debt

Fear the walking debt

The Great Recession is over and the nation continues its slow recovery, but the damage has…

Implement a drug policy

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Column: Cruelty-free makeup

With so much thought on what we put in our bodies, there seems to be very…

Column: The modern vegan

Column: Why students should travel

Column: We still need feminism

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