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Graduation ceremony, student awards brunch, faculty gala to be on same day

Pierce College’s Academic Senate defeated a proposal by one vote to split-up this semester’s graduation events on different days at their second meeting…

Academic Renewal could increase total number of forgiven units if Board Rule 6700 passes

Pierce College might raise the maximum number of Academic Renewal units from 18 to 30 if Board Rule 6700 is passed by the Los Angeles…

Pierce looks to update notification and online management systems Blackboard and Moodle

Faculty and staff at Pierce College have become concerned that Blackboard, its communication and alert system, has become outdated and obsolete as students…

Construction will commence in the Village

New innovations are in the works on the Pierce College campus with trenching and installation of fiber-optic communication systems in the Village. The…

Pierce College Foundation discusses plan to preserve former Farm Center land

A plan to conserve the land currently occupied by the Farm Center was announced at a recent board meeting of the non-profit organization…

Breakfast Club unites Pierce students

The Pierce College English Department will host a function this week themed after the classic film “The Breakfast Club.” The event is intended…

HIV/AIDS Awareness Week, free testing, guest speakers return in March

The HIV/AIDS Awareness Week will return to Pierce College in March after it was canceled last semester because of a last-minute insurance requirement.…

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The dimmed lighting and bar-like atmosphere of Hook Burger allows for the burger experience of a lifetime. During the evening, the restaurant was very busy but the staff…

The popular Falafelicious food truck that has been selling quality Middle Eastern cuisine to Pierce College students for the past two years has now opened a restaurant in…

The four-week exhibition “LA Woman: On her own terms” will open at Pierce College on March 5 and features art from Los Angeles artists such as Claudia Bucher,…

Reseda bar The Bunker held its third art show during the “Melody of Life” event, where Pierce College and California State University, Northridge students had the opportunity to…

It is no secret that there is not a shortage of pizza restaurants in the greater Los Angeles area. Big Mama’s and Papa’s Pizzeria understands the challenges, and…

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Behind The Print: Doing Double Duty

Lynn Rosado and Megan Moureaux step into the fall semester doing double duty as Journalism 202 students and Editors of The Roundup News. Rosado and…

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Classical guitar teacher is also a Grammy Award winner

John Schneider, instructor of music at Pierce College, was a three-time Grammy Award nominee before he was a Grammy Award winner. Schneider won the Grammy Award for Best…

Methods of crashing classes

Imagine it was the first day of the semester at Pierce College and the classroom was filled beyond capacity with students who waited anxiously for the instructor. The…

How rabbits helped transform one student’s life

When one normally thinks of a animal shelter, rabbits are not usually the first thing that comes to mind. Yet, being the third most popular pet in the…

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From Ferguson To L.A.

From Ferguson To L.A.

      Protesters of all ages gathered and marched the streets with signs while chanting in Downtown Los Angeles on Wednesday, Nov. 26. The Missouri…

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Food Review: Futaba Japanese Restaurant

Food Review: Futaba Japanese Restaurant

There’s a unique feeling of satisfaction and contentment that comes from eating a great bowl of…

Food Review: Mendocino Farms

Thursday Concert: Pierce Student Showcase

Food Review: Vincenzo’s Pizza

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Withdrawal dates in need of reform

Withdrawal dates in need of reform

A constant worry for college students and faculty each semester are drop dates that could potentially hinder…

Cheerleaders deserve equal medical care

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Pro: Taking 18+ units

The idea of remaining in college for longer than necessary sounds like a nightmare. One solution…

Pro: Working, interning while in college

Con: Off-campus offerings

Pro: Off-campus offerings

Pro: Printed schedules


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