Suffering Secondhand

Laura Davis / Roundup

Los Angeles Pierce College has nine designated smoking areas on campus, yet the student population seems to pay little regard.

This spring semester, you may notice posters, buttons and lecturing professors cracking down on the designated smoking area policy.

We are aware that secondhand smoke causes cancer and shortens life expectancy, all while incurring massive costs spent in national health care.

For this reason, we as a community of educated people should respect those around us and go to the designated areas for our smoke breaks.

If most of the faculty and students at Pierce lit up, you could bet this policy would not be in place. However, this is not the case – the minority is causing the majority to choke.

The state of California banned smoking in almost all workplaces, including restaurants in 1994.Then in 1998, smoking was banned in bars. In 2006, the city of Calabasas banned smoking in all outdoor public places except for a few scattered areas around town.

The trend to eliminate polluted air and lungs has found its way into Pierce and is a policy that should be honored. If you must have a smoke to ease your nerves after a grueling test, or with a coffee from the Freudian Sip, please take the time to walk to the nearest designated area.

Following this policy will provide a healthier learning environment for everyone while also solving the conflicts between smokers and non-smokers on campus.

Laura Davis ()