Preferred parking, regular treatment

Oscar Ortega / Roundup

On the first day of the spring semester, students found themselves driving around what seemed to be forever in search of parking. This is not unusual for the first few weeks of the semester. But for the last two sessions, it has become a big problem. You may have experienced it yourself if you drive — it is impossible to find a parking spot at any school parking lot.

Perhaps you may have seen a few construction sites around campus. Well, I am a believer of improvements and that our school was due for a makeover. I also believe students should receive some consideration from school administration.

We (students) pay a $26 fee for “Preferred” parking or a $20 fee for restricted parking. But it seems that Pierce’s administration sells parking permits like they are selling “hot tamales” and there are not enough parking spaces on school property. I have a so-called “Preferred Parking” pass and I have been obligated to park on Victory Boulevard or adjacent streets.

To my own surprise, I realized I am not alone. While I was walking toward school, I saw many cars with the same parking permits as mine parked off-campus.

You may say it is understandable because enrollment has gone up, and I agree. But what I don’t understand is why, despite the school administration giving a portion of Lot 7 Section “A” to the construction workers and marking the spots accordingly, the workers are parking outside of their designated spots. Where is parking enforcement when you need it?

I think the following example is perfect and needs to be mentioned: One Monday morning there was a construction truck parked at Parking Lot 1. It was using not only one, but four parking spaces.

We are not only spending lots of time searching for parking spaces, but we are adding more pollution to our environment while doing it. Like this city needs more pollution.

I have to toss this question to whoever redesigned Lot 1: Did you consider motorcycle parking spaces? Many motorcycles are parking in spots assigned to cars and they don’t even have parking passes displayed. Or do they?

To add more to our desperate search, Parking Lot 6 East is under construction for this semester, which adds more to the insanity of finding a parking spot.

Déjà vu! Remember last fall when Parking Lot 1 went under construction right before the beginning of the semester?

I have some suggestions: How about scheduling these kinds of projects at the end of the spring semester and during summer sessions? Perhaps it may be less intrusive. And why not assign Lot 4 to the construction workers?

Aren’t we, the students, the ones who bring revenue to the school?

School administration should be more considerate to students. I understand that $20 or $26 is nothing these days, but for students it is a lot. Considering the price of books and other school necessities, it adds up.

Please give us some consideration and make sure parking enforcement is doing their jobs. That is all I ask.

Oscar Ortega ()