Bulletin board basics

Gary Moratz / Roundup

Feeling a little lost when it comes to geography, or having trouble making those math skills add up? One possible solution is to look toward a tutor, and checking the Pierce College legal posting boards may be a good place to start.

There are a couple of bulletin boards around the campus where advertising can be legally posted after signing in and getting permission in the Administration Building. One such board is located at the library and another outside the cafeteria.

Off-limits advertising spots include walls, benches or anywhere on campus other than the designated areas. Yet many off-campus solicitors often post up in these places, an act which can potentially result in being arrested for illegally posting advertising.

The amount of advertising that is illegally posted is enormous, causing additional work and wasting the plant facilities time.

“Every few feet they put more and more literature,” said Larry Kraus, associate vice president of administrative services. “It’s like following a trail of cookie crumbs.”

Kraus also stated Pierce will not tolerate any literature being placed around campus in areas other than legally designated boards. If he or any of his staff sees it, they will escort the violator off the campus and possibly call the sheriff.

There are those who follow the rules and legally post their advertising on the boards like Ken Guy, a Stanford University graduate, who tutors mathematics, statistics, chemistry and physics.

“I tutor three to five times a week,” Guy said. “It depends on where we are in the semester.”

Other kinds of solicitations around the campus include companies and individuals trying to loan money, sell used books and even advertise for parties. Other ways advertisers promote their businesses is to physically be on the campus in the free speech area, like Denys Hemen, who gives out free movie preview passes.

“This is the best college in the Valley for me,” Hemen said. “I give away 50 to 75 a day when I’m here.”

Anyone interested in advertising on the Pierce campus must first get approval from Donna L. Northrop, administrative secretary of student services, in the administration office. She can be reached at 818-710-4200 or by e-mail at northrdl@piercecollege.edu.



Terry Schulenburg, a Pierce Campus Apple representative, posts a flyer advertising a Los Angeles Community College District Green Video Contest. The bulletin boards, located near the entrance to the cafeteria, are one of the few public places left on campus to freely post advertisements. (Melissa Keyes / Roundup )