ASO president under fire before election

Oscar Ortega / Roundup

Discussions to possibly recall Christian Marfil-Amatulli, the current Associated Students Organization president, surfaced just 19 days before the ASO election.

According to Anna Bruzzese, secretary for the Academic Senate, Matias Ruhwesa, a parliamentarian for the student government announced that a recall coalition against Marfil- Amatlli during the public commentary section of the meeting.

The coalition’s goal is to gather enough signatures to remove Marfil-Amatulli from his position as president of the ASO. Details about who initiated the recall and why were not available.

With less than four months left in his administration, Marfil- Amatulli doesn’t understand the coalition’s reasoning.

“I don’t really know the details about it,” he said. “We are trying to find the exact details. What I can say is that students who are signing this petition have no idea what I‘ve done and have no idea what they’re signing. And I think that is very detrimental,” he said.

It was news to Academic Senate President Tom Rosdahl, who said that Marfil-Amatulli was a good president.

ASO senator Jaslyn Pajouria said that she was surprised about the possibility of the recall and said “(Marfil-Amatulli) is one of the best president’s we’ve had. I can’t believe anyone would (recall) him.”

In order to have a recall election, the party involved will have to gather around two-thirds of the majority of the votes. An estimated 1,200 votes were counted last election, so the recall party will have to collect approximately 800 signatures.

If they obtain the signatures required, it will automatically start a special election that bypasses the student senate and goes directly to the senate court.

“I don’t see a problem with that, but there is a lack of checks and balances within our constitution,” Ruhwesa said during the meeting. “As long as they have the signatures then a recall election is granted. I feel that there is a lack of kind of check in there without a question.”

“I’ve heard rumblings,” said Brad Saenz, ASO Adviser. “There’s always been some sort of movement against a president. But nothing will be taken seriously until something official is given to me.”

If a special election occurs, the required funding will come from the student fund.

Additional reporting by Gary Moratz


Katie Rope, Club Council President, puts up the ASO sanctioned posters for senators running for ASO vice president. Students can vote from 9am – 2pm and 4pm-7pm April 13 and 14. (Melissa Keyes / Roundup)