Diane Kelly reflects on her upcoming book

Alejandra Cruz / Roundup

The gift of writing inspirational pieces was given to her since she was a teenage girl and now her writings will be exposed to the world in July.

Diane Rose Kelly, health and fitness professor at Pierce College, is the author of “Reflections of a Visionary’s Path” A Collection of Stream of Consciousness Writings”. This book, as its name marks, is a compilation of the writing Kelly has since she was 14 years old.

“The premise of the book is to inspire people to get know themselves and get to understand what their purpose in life is,” said Kelly

She kept all her writing on boxes and in her closet for along time carrying them wherever she went.

Kelly had a big spiritual change in her life six years ago and decided to put out all the writing she had.

Some students are waiting for this book to come out but some say that this book won’t be for everyone.

“I think it would attract some people. People who are open minded will read it,” said health student Karrie White.

“She is a good teacher so I think it will be a good book to buy,” said Antonio Moore student on Kelly’s health class.

Along with this book a journal named “Lifestreams” will come out. This journal contains at least 145 questions that people don’t usually ask and that let people go deeper into their selves, according to Kelly.

Kelly said that this journal is a tool for self expression.

With questions like, what is life about for you? What was one thing missing from your childhood? People have the opportunity to think about things they may never though before.

“I discovered things about myself that I didn’t know or things I didn’t want to admit,” said Lourdes Gomez, 22.

This journal is given to student in their health class even though she hasn’t released the actual book. She gave her student the chance to benefit from it.

“I think the questions in the journal are really cool. I really enjoy answering them. It gives me time to reflect on my life and take some “me” time,” said Communications major Anna Bass, who is in health class with Kelly.

According to Kelly, America is such a mental society that we detach our selves from our bodies and our souls.

Kelly said that the goal of these two books is to help people balance their mind, their body and their spirit.

The sign and book release will take place at The Guitar Merchant in Canoga Park in July 11 where also her band JAYLA will be performing.