Take two on ‘Death’

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Curtains will open Oct. 23 for Arthur Miller’s “Death of a Salesman,” directed by RoZsa Horvath, at the Performing Arts Mainstage.

Death of a Salesman tells the story of a middle-aged man, Willy Loman, struggling to achieve his idea of the American Dream.

Yet his ambition to achieve this dream keeps him blinded to the people who truly love him. The story of Willy’s struggle explores the idea of false hope in the American Dream.

“I think this play is very timely because of the economy. It has a lot to say about the family and our relationships with each other,” said director RoZsa Horvath.

Arthur Miller died Feb. 10, 2005, yet before his death he directed his play in China with a Chinese cast. “Death of a Salesman” was also performed on Broadway 10 years ago, winning the Antoinette Perry Awards for Excellence in Theatre (Tony Award).

Wasin Nomani, part of the cast in the fall production, said, “Death of a Salesman being performed in China showed that the play does not just speak to a particular culture.”

For Nomani, this is his second time being part of a play production at Pierce College. He said, “The energy of a live show is so electric, especially plays performed with such a high caliber.”

Jim Seerden, playing the role of Willy Loman, the central character of the story, relates to Willy personally. Seerden said his father was a salesman who died at a young
age and he wants to play this part in honor of his father. “This play is about someone chasing after the American Dream, but instead of catching the dream, the dream runs him over,” Seerden said.

The 13 actors in “Death of a Salesman” have rehearsals five times a week, totaling up to about 20 hours each week, according to Horvath.

“For every minute of the play, it takes about two hours rehearsal,” Horvath said.

“Rehearsals are not very hectic because the acts of the play are scheduled for certain days, so if you’re not in the act of that day you don’t have to attend,” said Crystal Lott, who is playing the role of “The Woman.”

“Dividing the scenes gives the director time to get the actors into character and critique the incorrect so that the play has the most ultimate outcome,” said actor Evan Boelsen.

Boelsen, a former Pierce College student, returns just to act. He has been in four shows at Pierce College and said he enjoys the quality of direction provided.

“This play shows the humanity of the characters and how sometimes in life we have the greatest success and the greatest tragedy,” Boelsen said. “And sometimes we have greatest success and do not even know it, and that’s tragic.

The show is scheduled to premiere at 8 p.m. Oct. 23 in the Performing Arts Mainstage.
General admission is $15 and student / senior admission is $12.



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Linda Sharon, who plays Willy?s wife, Samples, and Jim Seerden, who plays the leading role of Willy in ?Death of a Salesman? at rehearsals. (Victor Stephen Kamont / Roundup)