Letter to the Editor: Stunned and appalled

Elizabeth Vance / English adjunct professor

Round up staff:

I am an adjunct professor here at LAPC and I am absolutely stunned, appalled, and personally offended by a quote you chose to highlight from one of our head coaches at LAPC regarding Valley college.

The quote states, “If I had a daughter who worked at a brothel, and a son who went to Valley, I’d get my son out first.”

I understand the freedom of speech amendment to our United States Constitution; what I do NOT understand is why a reputable paper, such as the Round Up, would choose to highlight a statement from one of our faculty members that could potentially come off as sexual harassment, as well as being representative of such a base attitude regarding our college’s perception of education.

How is this man, this coach who is guiding our young men, a representative of our college? Pierce students are not the only audience for this paper. Mr. Martinez is essentially arguing for PROSTITUTION over EDUCATION because of a silly rivalry against Valley. What kind of message are we sending out here? This is so beyond offensive that I am at a loss for anything more to say; I am actually physically nauseated by this situation.

What is the Round Up’s mission statement? Does it intend on deflating the very principle it functions from, which is education? If so, you have succeeded in offering insight as to the types of faculty we employ here at Pierce. Obviously, we are lacking a professionalism and integrity throughout our school– otherwise we would not have run this quote as a representative of how we value education.

Elizabeth Vance