Letter to the Editor – Respect

Barbara M. Anderson / Dean of athletics

Dear Editor of the Roundup

I’m writing in response to your article,”A Relentless Rivalry” in the Novemeber 4 edition of the Roundup.

Victory comes in different forms; passing a class, landing a great job, winning a game and most importantly, in doing the right thing. Head football coach, Efraim Martinez, in an attempt to fire up football players and fans, made disparaging comments about Valley College.

Places of higher education are places of academic, intelleectual and emotional growth. Character development is an important part of that growth. As members of the Pierce College community we are all on a team of sorts. As such, we need to encourage one another and hold each other accountable.

Educators need to both teach and model critical thinking and respectful communication. Coach Martinez is on my eam and that relationship demands that I not only congratulate him on his wins, but that I also encourage him to rise above and do he right thing,. As John Wooden said, “Consider the rights of others before you own feelings, and feelings of others before your own rights.”