Measure J & Proposition A/AA are building galore

Gizette Segura / Roundup

As the renovation ripple effect continues to take place at Pierce College, bonds help to fund current and future renovations and construction.

The Child Development Center, Center for the Sciences and new Student Services Building are all funded by Prop A/AA.

“These are bond funds that were voted on and passed for the LACCD,” said interim Pierce President Joy McCaslin in an email. “Bonds are issued to pay for the building program at Pierce.”

The total project budget for the Student Services Building is more than $23 million. The budget for the Child Development Center is more than $10.5 million and the Center for the Sciences budget is more tham $57 million.

As of Nov. 3, the college has spent more than $19.5 million for the Student Services Building, almost $5 million for the Child Development Center and more than $35.5 million for the Center for the Sciences.

“There is money left to fund future projects,” wrote David Tsao, project director of Swinterton Management and Consulting, in an email. “We have savings from A/AA to fund or to support other project needs and the dollar amount changes as we capture new savings and use the money to help fund projects in need.

“We can use bond money for furniture, fixtures and equipment but not for supplies,” Tsao said. “Funding for supplies comes from the college’s operations budget.”

Another helping hand is Measure J.

“There are no more new buildings planned for construction under Prop. A/AA,” Tsao said. “However, under Measure J there are four new buildings and several renovation projects planned.”

Buildings under Prop J include a Maintenance and Operations Facility, a Library/Learn Resources Center, a Green Technologies Building and a Digital Arts and Media Building.

“Maintenance & Operations Building and Library/Learn Resources Center are scheduled to start construction in 2010, Green Technologies Building in 2012 and Digital Arts and Media Building in 2013,” Tsao wrote.

The Administration Building is also funded by Prop A/AA .

“This particular project was funded by Prop AA with some additional elements supported by Prop J,” said Nabil Abu-Ghazaleh, vice president of academic affairs. “Administration Building project is part of a larger project named ‘North of Mall,’ which includes many buildings that lie between the mall and the gyms.”

Services such as the Program for Accelerated College Education (PACE), Foundation for Pierce College, Academic Outreach, Grants and Public Relations will relocate into the former Counseling and Admissions and Records offices. The mailroom will move into the College Services Building where Financial Aid used to be.

Students voiced their opinions on the new buildings.

“I think the campus will probably attract more students because of its improved appearance and updated technology,” said psychology major Edgar Joaquin,21.
“I think that it’s about time! But I don’t think they could have waited to do all the construction when students aren’t going to classes and walking through it,” said psychology major Alexandrea Smith, 20.
Abu-Ghazaleh said funding for the new buildings was not possible without the aid of both bonds.
“The only way we can afford any of the remodels or new construction is through funds dedicated by the bond,” he said.