Boys of Winter


The Men’s Basketball team last week played in their first playoff game since 1983.
Why is this a big story? Pierce did not even have a Basketball program until 2002, having stopped play in 1985.
Why is this a big story? Is it because most if not all the players were not alive the last time the Brahmas made the playoffs? Or is it because Sean Edwardsen assistant coach for the Brahmas wasn’t born yet?
No, it is because the Brahmas have done it quietly.
The boys have made their run in the dead of winter with little to no outside support from the student body.
The crowds have been large and raucous at times but the stands have been filled with family, friends or other athletes here at Pierce.
However playing the majority of their season when most students vacation or spend time with family has not fazed these Brahmas.
They’ve played on New Year’s Eve. They’ve played three days before Christmas and three days after. 
The team has played some of the best team’s in the state of California to get to this point now.
They have played the number two team up North, San Francisco, the number 10 team up North, Santa Rosa, the number two team down South, Citrus, the number five team down South, Mt. San Antonio, the number six team down South, Saddleback, the number seven team down South, Cuesta, the number 10 team down South, Mt. San Jacinto, the number 13 team down South, Antelope Valley, and Moorpark the number 17 down South. 
They have had win streaks of six and four games this year in conference play setting up their success.
The have not been able to get here without their struggles, however. They went through a stretch of losing six of seven games. And more recently a two-game slide that cost them the Conference title.
So in all the team should be commended for their effort this year for proving to the rest of the conference that Pierce is just not a women’s volleyball and soccer school.
Bringing a program back from non-existence to conference prominence is no small order and it should be commended and witnessed by not just family and friends but by the students they represent.


( Anthony Gonzalez-Clark)