Technology is Leading to Laziness

Donna Rodriguez


            Technology is progressing everyday to make American’s life easier but it will only cause people to become lazy.
            When television sets came out there were suspicions of TV becoming a factor to laziness; that suspicion wasn’t entirely wrong.
            Kids would rather pick up a control than pick up a ball. Teens would rather watch a television show than read a book. Some adults find it more convenient to watch the news than grab a newspaper.
            Technology has progressed since then and now there are devices that do almost anything.
            The wonderful invention of cell phones gave people the possibility to make phone calls from anywhere. Cell phones now have the capability to send quick messages to friends or family. With the ability to send messages people have become too lazy to get up in order to talk to someone in the next room.
            With the internet available to anyone there is no limit as to what people can do. According to an article from Associated Content, “from online banking to internet shipping to paying your bills online, why do you need to leave the house, never less walk to the mail box to mail something. Everything you need is right there! You don’t even have to get dressed.”
            The internet has given people a bigger reason to be lazy. People don’t need to go anywhere when anything they could possibly require is on the internet. The internet has made online classes possible which made it possible for students to wake up at anytime and attend class in their pajamas.
            Inventors are coming up with ideas that help American life easier but in the process of that it’s only taking away people efficiency to do anything.
            Through the creation of robotic surgery doctors can control a machine to do the surgery without getting their hands dirty. In an LA Times article, “robotic systems are increasingly being used in everything from weight loss surgery to children’s operations.” Americans won’t need to be educated in certain fields since a machine will be capable to do anything.
            Thanks to consoles like the Nintendo’s Wii, Americans no longer need to leave the house to exercise or play sports since the Wii provides that. The Wii allows people to learn yoga moves and play tennis, baseball or golf in their homes. Consumers would rather waste money when they can do these kind things for free just because it’s easier then to walk to a park.
            With technology continuing to progress America will soon be full of lazy people who rely on their gadgets to do all the work for them. Technology is only taking away the challenge of hard work.
            What people need to do is put down their devices to challenge themselves to something they have never done before.
            Try a day without the everyday devices. Invite friends to the park to play a real game of baseball instead of taking out the Wii and getting angry at an avatar. The environment of being out in a place with fresh air is completely different from being trapped inside a room.
            Turn off the cell phones and have a conversation face to face. It’s free to have a conversation with friends in person than to send a message. Plus there won’t be the risk of thumb exhausting.


(Dustin Johnson / Roundup )