Percussionist Brad Dutz is showcased at “Concerts at Pierce”

Andre Fuller


Percussionist Brad Dutz headlined the “Concerts at Pierce” event today in the Performing Arts Building.
“It’s like a good meal,” said Jim Bergman, adjunct music professor at Pierce. “When you know a good meal and a good recipe, you want to show it.”
According to Bergman, the percussionist is the good meal he was talking about.
Dutz, 49, was brought in by Bergman to lecture and demonstrate many of his musical instruments to music students and patrons that wanted to see the concert.
The musician has played as a sideman for artists such as Alanis Morrisette, Kiss, Willie Nelson, LeAnn Rimes, Rickie Lee Jones and David Benoit.
Dutz has also appeared on television shows like “King of the Hill,” Family Guy,” “American Dad” and “Enterprise.”
“He’s [Dutz] a top professional,” said Philippe Aubuchon, a student at Pierce.
Aubuchon, a computer science major, works on campus as a performing arts technician. A drum player at heart, Aubuchon appreciated Dutz performance.
“I’m interested in drumming,” said Aubuchon. “I just recently purchased congas [drums]. So I wanted to learn more about how to play them.”
Hand percussion is the musician’s specialty. During the demonstrations, Dutz played and described the instruments he displayed at the event.
The instruments included in the event were the following:
  • Conga
  • Berimbau
  • Bata
  • Bodhran
  • Bones
  • Pandiero
  • Djembe
  • Tabla
  • Kanjira
  • Doumbec
  • Riq
Dutz’s main focus was combining different cultures of music together. Conjoining genres, like Brazilian and Irish music together, is something he is very familiar with.
“I wanted it [his music] to sound a little more progressive,” said Dutz.
Those different cultures were displayed during the event. The percussionist played music from Irish folk, Cuban, African and Brazilian cultures. Every genre had its own instrument.
“If I know all the different types of instruments, it’s better for me,” said Dutz.
Dutz played an excerpt from one of his CD’s that featured a jazz piece that involved different instruments from different cultures.
According to Dutz, his style is a “Jazz fusion of ethnic music and modern music.”
“I love this rhythm in my hands that I can slightly change and incorporate it into American music,” said Dutz.
While playing the instrument is talent he has always desired, composing music is something he is getting more involved with. Writing his first pieces in his early 30s, Dutz stated that writing his own music was very difficult. However, it’s a challenge he was up for.
“I don’t want to be a sideman anymore,” said Dutz. “I want to learn how to use a lot of instruments.”
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