Student Awards Brunch

    Natasha Aliabadi / Roundup

    Pierce College started off its graduation day with a breakfast and awards ceremony taking place outside of the Campus Center at 9:30 a.m.

    Students, staff, faculty and guests enjoyed a breakfast at their leisure while presentations of awards began at 10:15 a.m.
    Dr. J.S. Noble Eisenlauer was the Master of Ceremonies. The event lasted until about 11:15 a.m.
    Many different instructors presented students with awards and scholarships.
    Ari Cohen, 20, was the recipient for the “2010 Outstanding Scholar Athlete of the Year” for his achievements in tennis.
    The award is the first ever of its kind and included a $300 check.
    “I feel very happy that I was able to make Pierce look good. It means more that I make Pierce look good rather than myself,” said Cohen.
    Cohen is originally from Santa Barbara and moved to Los Angeles to attend Pierce College and join the tennis team.
    Cohen will be attending UCLA in the fall majoring in economics and political science.
    The recipient for the “Michelle Smith Memorial Scholarship” was 21-year-old Matias Ruhweza.
    A native of Uganda, Ruhweza came to the United States less than four years ago.
    “I’m extremely happy with my award. I’ve been very involved on campus and did a lot of community service,” said Ruhweza.
    Ruhweza was an active ASO member, the senate parliamentarian, and wrote for the Direction Magazine.
    He has been accepted to UC Berkeley and Brown University. Ruhweza also received $750 along with his award.
    In Eisenlauer’s closing speech, he emphasized the fact that the amount of money given to students who won awards was not necessarily of significance.
    Furthermore, he said that some of the award money comes from the instructor’s own pockets.
    “We’ve got students with real talent,” said Eisenlauer.