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Sexy costumes pushing the limit

Vanessa Sahawi

When I was a kid Halloween was that time of year that was different from any other holiday you got to dress up in a costume (princess, cat, witch etc.) and go to strangers homes to trick or treat and get candy in return. Halloween was a way of expressing yourself and to be something or someone out of your norm.

Now, when this holiday comes rolling along all I see are stores filled with seductive, raunchy costumes that objectify woman. The new trend? It’s a fashion statement to wear less and seem like you’re happy making videos for a site like youngsexer or similar adult sites.

Halloween costumes seem to be left to a bare minimum and being sexy is the ultimate goal for most. There are numerous advertisements showing a voluptuous woman in a tightly squeezed costume that shows off her curves, but what is that message sending off?

The wrong message being for men to be able to see women as only temptresses and for them to allow themselves to be seen that way. “If you got it, flaunt it,” right ladies, but why must there be so much skin to do so. It’s a way for men to just look at you as perversely as they’d like without getting in trouble for doing so.

When I walked into Party City the other day, I got directed to a wall that had all the costumes lined up according to sections of women, preteen, and men. When I browsed around the costumes I saw named that ranged from Dirty Cop, Racy Referee, Hot Stuff, Seductive Snow White, and Immortal Seductress just to name a few. I highly doubt Walt Disney wanted their Disney princesses to be dressing provocatively down the street.

It’s not only occurring in the woman’s section but in the young teens as well. One of the costumes was Teen girls veiled vixen costume. Young girls at an early age will start thinking that it’s okay to be dressing up sexier than what is age appropriate.

These young girls could be someone’s sister, cousin or niece wearing a Racy Referee costume if being presented. For young girls they may not be aware of what they are doing and it sets an example for them to think that one needs to be portrayed this way in order for the opposite sex to look at them and that’s to be seen as objects.

Halloween shouldn’t be an excuse to be showing off every ounce of your body. If one wants to be sexy, then do so tastefully. I’m not saying you have to dress like a nun, but just be cautious on how you’d be presenting yourself with others.

One doesn’t have to be wearing close to nothing to have a cute costume. Remember, one has to be careful with what you wear. You could get unwanted attention that you had never asked for or possibly get touched in a matter that’s inappropriate. Halloween is an enjoyable holiday that’s filled with costumes, treats and the occasional horror films. Just for Halloween purposes sometimes wearing more is best.


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