ASO approves event funding for clubs

    James Hermon / Roundup


    Pierce College’s Associated Student Organization (ASO), approved funding for three campus clubs, elected a new student rights chair and discussed how students who use public transportation will soon lose their reduced fare Metro TAP cards at Tuesday’s meeting.


    The agenda was made up of three action items which were voted on, and a designated time for the elections for the ASO student rights chair.


    Action item B, finance request F10-13, was one of the three items that was voted on and passed.  This request was made by the Meet Your Major Committee.  


    “Although this event has already taken place, the committee had previously sought an additional $100, that was needed to complete the event,” said Daniel Axelrod, ASO vice president. “The process of getting the funds to a club or committee often takes awhile, which is why we are voting on it today.”


    ASO conducted elections for the new students rights chair position.


    Ronald Quintro, a 26-year-old economics major, won by two votes.


    “I’m really excited about the position,” said Quintro.  “This is a new committee that was created two weeks ago, with the primary purpose of informing students of their rights here at Pierce.”


    The agenda also contained three discussion items, the letter writing campaign, Metro TAP card survey and committee selection. 


    ASO President Nick Naczinski is spearheading the Letter Writing Campaign, a campaign where members of ASO will go around to different classes, with permission from instructors, to get students to sign a letter stating their discontent with the fee increases.


    “The letters will be sent to Sacramento to the attention of Senator Bob Huff, who is currently up for re-election,” said Naczinski.  “Although it may be too late, we still want Senator Huff to know that we are aware of and are not happy with the decisions that are being made.


    ASO will be conducting a survey for students that have a reduced rate Metro TAP card.  


    As of Spring Semester 2011, students will no longer be able to purchase their reduced rate TAP card for the semester, according to Axelrod.


    Currently students only have to pay $20 for a new TAP card and  $15 to reload their card, said Axelrod.  


    The price for a Metro day pass is $6.


    The TAP surveys will be giving out during the same time students are participating in the letter writing campaign.


    The next ASO meeting will be next Tuesday at 1 p.m. in the Great Hall.