ASO president discusses the upcoming semester

Victor Kamont

Daniel Axelrod, 21, the new President of the Associated Students Organization (ASO) had an interview with the Roundup on Thursday, Feb 10,  in the Great Hall where he discussed his goals for this semester.


Kamont: How do you feel about being president of the ASO this semester?


Axelrod: I am happy and excited, I am glad to have this new challenge.  As vice president I dealt with just Pierce College, as president I will deal with all 9 colleges’ in the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD).


Q:  What are your goals this semester?


A:   Most important, is to get the word out about the ASO, so if students have any issue at school we can deal with it, they can come to us and we will help them out.


Q:  Do you have meetings?


A:  Yes every Tuesday at 1 p.m. in the Great Hall, and they are open to the public.  They last one hour.


Q:  What can people expect at meetings?


A:  Fellow students discussing school issues and trying to find a solution.


Q:  Is there a question and answer session?


A:  It’s easier if they come in to the office earlier and then we can include it on our agenda, but there is an opportunity to speak even if you don’t let us know ahead of time.


Q:  Are there any other meetings?


A:  The financial committee meets once a week, the date hasn’t been set yet.  Students voice opinion on what we voted for and there is an open mike.


Q:  How can people apply for money?


A:  They can come to the ASO office and fill out a form. Clubs, events, departments, and any school related activity are eligible. It is just for students. They need to turn in their requests 72 hours before the finance meeting. Each year there is $15,000 available to the students, there is $7000 left for this semester.


Q:  Are there any other opportunities for individual students to receive money?


A:  We are in the process of developing scholarships of $10,000 that will be handed out at the end of the semester; our goal is to get the word out to the entire student body so they can apply.


Q:  Do you have any concerns?


A:  Students not knowing their rights, not knowing that they have a voice.


Q:  How will you get the word out?


A:  The Roundup, The school radio station, signs, and posters.


Q:  Any issues that stand out?


A:  We want students to use their voice and be heard, not to run, but to be loud and stand up against the fee increase in tuition from $26 to $ 36.


Q:   Any final thoughts?


A:  Come talk to us, tell us your problems and let us help you.