Make a difference

Mayra Bocanegra / Roundup

With the March 2011 Primary Nominating Elections quickly approaching, residents of Los Angeles are urged to register to vote.

In the past, voter turnouts have been very low and this time around it is beneficial for all residents to register and exercise their right to choose a representative. 

By voting, you become part of a contribution to help our society.

When you don’t vote, you are giving up one of the most important rights you have in this country. You are basically allowing other people to make decisions for you, some which you might not even agree with.

This election will cover the race for seven city council chairs, which include Los Angeles Unified School District and Community Colleges Boards.

The elections will also include 10 measures regarding pensions, restrictions on campaign contributions and a “tax imposement” for medical marijuana.

Among the 52 candidates, are current community organizers, entrepreneurs and even University Professors.

The elected representatives will serve as part of our legislative body that will govern our city for the next four years.

It is important to educate ourselves about the people running for these positions in order to make the best decisions for our well being.

Voting helps voice our opinions and beliefs and can help us elect a leader who shares our same views and values.

Many people think that there is no real point in voting due to the mistakes of past leaders.

However, voting for a new term allows you to make a change for your city’s future and help build new plans and projects for our city.

Take the City of Bell’s salary controversy scandal in 2010 for example. Bell City officials were caught receiving huge salaries, while the city faced high property taxes.

The investigations also found voter fraud in the municipal elections and other irregularities under the council.

People became leery after the scandal, that is why it’s crucial for everyone to cast their vote and let their voice be heard. 

Serving our civic responsibility will allow us to maintain people in our council who have honest and loyal ideas for our communities. 

With critical and life changing measures on the table, we have many more tough decisions to make. These measures could impact our lifestyles in such a manner that could either have a positive or negative effect on the different aspects of our lives.

The last day to register to vote for the March 2011 Primary Nominating Elections is Feb. 22, 2011.