Pierce College Council meets to discuss construction

Eduardo Razo / Roundup

The Pierce College Council (PCC) had a meeting yesterday in the College Services Building Conference Room, with construction and parking high on the council’s agenda.

There is new asphalt and gutters by Mason Avenue and Olympic Drive and along Parking Lot 7, which is next to the Center for the Sciences.

“People are avoiding Victory Boulevard and De Soto Avenue,” said Paul Nieman, director of college facilities.

Administration has the decision to free up temporary parking in lot 7.

“It’s just a jam,” said Mark Weber, a Pierce College student.

Traffic jams are likely to increase with the installation of photovoltaic panels in Parking Lots 1 and 8. Construction will begin in March and will end in August.

While construction is in progress, faculty parking will be closed and will have to park in the student section of lots 1 and 8.

“Duration of North of Mall project will end in 2012,” said Deputy Director Ed Cadena.

The construction contract of the North of Mall project was awarded to Chevron Energy Solution.

Phase one of the constructions of the North of Mall renovations is scheduled to be completed in the summer of this year.

Avenue of Champions, located between Parking Lots 1 and 7, will be closed during the construction. Vehicles will be re-routed to the village loop road, but the street will be open to pedestrians to walk.

Other reports and standing committees that were on the agenda at the meeting were the budget committee, technology committee, diversity committee, ASO and a list of films that will be voted on for the Film Festival.


Eduardo Razo


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