Collectively unified

The students, faculty and staff at Pierce College display unity, commitment and teamwork.

Those who encompass the Pierce campus come together to accomplish their goals.

The March in March, “Enough is Enough” rally, brought more than 300 students and faculty together in a walkout demonstration, bringing attention to the proposed budget cuts and fee increases.

This was a historical event for Pierce with its first ever walkout onto Victory Boulevard.

Next in store for the unified students will be the largest fundraising event in community colleges’ history.

Because of the economy downfall, everyone is effected. Regardless of if students come from money, everyone is suffering.

The countless rallies, protests and fundraisers that are being sponsored and hosted by students, speak loudly to the unity on the campus here at Pierce, as well as others in California.

On April 17, people will hold hands from southern to northern California in the Hands Across California rally.

Nothing shows togetherness then the coming together of numerous students.

Pierce is actively involved in this project and has the honor of having part of the event take place on campus down the Mall.

Moreover, the Associated Students Organization (ASO) is an elected student-run body that serves the students. It offers scholarships, organizes events, and keeps the students informed.

In coordination with the ASO, the campus is home to more than 50 clubs, involving more than 300 students. Also, some of the clubs focus on and touch on the importance of diversity on campus.

In addition to the campus bringing together the student body, the professors and faculty participate in councils that encourage and strengthen the unification.

The Pierce College Council (PCC) shares the ideals of inquiry, equity, authenticity, and service. All decisions are made through a shared government.

A majority of the board consists of the faculty on campus. From English to criminal justice professors, the board unanimously makes choices in the students best interest.

If not for them, the campus could be more broken up. Granted the ASO and faculty unite to offer events to the community, the administration and professors truly pave the path for unity.

Furthermore, with more than 30 departments on campus, the faculty have limited resources and thus encourages professors to reach out to others and work together.

Like mother like daughter. When students see their professors reaching out to one another, it creates a dynamic that students too, can reach out.

Meanwhile, with so many new additions to the campus, such as the Center for the Sciences, Student Services Building and Child Development Center, the administration has pulled together to not only unify the campus, but beautify it as well.

Although the new additions to Pierce are beautiful, older buildings like the Great Hall serve as just as an important base for student unification.

The Great Hall constantly is full of students watching movies, attending guest lectures, sponsoring banquets and dances and other community related activities.

Most recently, a booth was set up on the Mall to raise money for the Japan tsunami relief victims. More than $1,000 was donated, as well as clothing and supplies.

Lastly, there is no denying the unity the sports teams on campus have. Being on a team can be synonymous with creating harmony and closeness.

The athletic programs speak for themselves. We have football bowl champions, volleyball champions, woman’s basketball playoff invitees, and woman’s soccer semi-finalists.

At Pierce, there is an atmosphere full of togetherness, cooperation, teamwork and unity.

With students, faculty and staff coming together over the recent events of fee increases, budget cuts and sporting events, the feeling of unanimity and harmony is apparent now more then ever.