Black Angels descended upon the performing arts building





The Thursday concert series will continue in the Performing Arts Building on April 14 with pianist Kani Motsomota.


The Performing Arts Building was full of students on April 7 who planned on catching an average performance for credits in various classes, however, the last Thursday concert was anything but usual.


The Threnody String Quartet played a special performance of Brian Crumb’s Black Angels. Created in 1970, Black Angels is a unique piece of music.


It is considered to be the only quartet inspired by the Vietnam War, according to a 1990 article by Brian Crumb.


“This piece is very jarring,” said Jim Bergman, adjunct instructor of music. “Most people probably won’t like it.”


With a dramatically bizarre style of playing, Black Angels is comprised of music from violins, sometimes played from the wrong end of the strings, to symbols and even tuned water crystals.


“It was nothing like what I was expecting to hear today,” said Jennifer Butler, a 19-year-old physical science major.. “But in a way, I really liked it.”


These free Thursday concerts are sponsored by the ASO and are open to all students.


“You never know what you like unless you try it,” said Bergman. “It’s only an hour out of your life.”


The next show will be hosted on April 14 and will feature pianist Kani Motsomota.


“I encourage anyone to come. Kids get a bad rap, but they are generally respectful,” said Bergman. “I am impressed and inspired by these kids.”


Performers of Black Angel:


Ambroise Aubrun


Jasmine Ian


Kristpor Najarian


Alison Spieth