ITAP, smoking and transfers

Associated Student Organization (ASO) President Daniel Axelrod addressed fellow senate members on Monday about the issues regarding I-Tap cards for students and the state of Pierce College as a non-smoking campus.

The I-Tap card is causing a conflict because Pierce might remove it as an option altogether, or start forcing all students to pay $50 for the cards even if they use their own transportation to get to school.

“They’re both a problem,”Axelrod said.

Another issue that was brought to the attention of both Axelrod and the senate members was the non-smoking policy on campus. Members complained to Axelrod that they still see smoking on campus and students have failed to respond to the new rule.

Axelrod suggested citing those students who disobey the smoking policy. However, no one has opted to support that bill, which means the school cannot rightfully cite those students who disobey.

A suggestion was made to either start campaigning and inform the student body of the smoking policy or simply reverse the ruling, according to members of the Senate.


According to Sunday Salter, director of the Transfer Center, Pierce College is still the number-one transfer school to CSUN, and despite the budget cuts, CSUN still plans to give transfer students a priority over freshman.

Salter also said that on Friday, May 6, the Transfer Center is taking 50 students to the UCLA Transfer Center Conference which educates future students on the acceptance requirements at no cost to the students.

Whoever signs up first will be eligible to go.

“As of right now, nobody has signed up,” said Salter.