Remove your iron curtain

We deliver the newspaper every Wednesday morning. We see how many papers from the last week’s issue are still sitting there in the same pile we left them in.

We track the online version of our campus paper as well. Every time we log on at 2 a.m. to update a story, we can see how many of the twenty-plus thousand of you actually bother to click in for the update. (your campus radio station) celebrated its first anniversary yesterday in the Great Hall. Twenty people showed up to celebrate this achievement, and most were from the station itself.

We, the Roundup staff, work very hard to bring you the latest and most interesting tidbits from your college each day. We get this information from you.

From inside scoops on your favorite student athletes to the latest eye-rolling brilliance to come from the ongoing budget debacles, we are pounding the ground just so if one or two of you look, you will see what’s going on around here.

You can flip open your weekly newspaper to find out just how badly you’re getting bent over by the people who claim to care about your growth as students and young adults.

We get phone calls nearly every day in the newsroom from folks asking us to come cover this event or that event. The moment we choose to ignore that request, we have failed. We don’t like to fail.

So we spread ourselves extremely thin to bring you the very best coverage we can provide. We love it, and it’s a big reason we get up in the morning.

There is, however, an emerging pattern that has the editorial staff vexed: Why are the same people who blow up our phone asking for coverage the people slamming doors in our face when the news is a bit less glamorous?

Look here: take the bad with the good.

We have never had a student burst into the Roundup to complain about how awesome their game-saving catch was, or how disappointed they were in that amazing photo of their home run.

We never hear that side of it. We only get the middle fingers, the derogatory comments, the blatant disrespect or the flat-out assaults we are growing more accustomed to.

If this were a business model, we would have tanked years ago. But we keep on plugging away at it, one story at a time, hoping that it matters to you, our readership.

Now it’s no secret that most of you get your information from the little gadget glued to your hand.

Groovy. We’re online, too! Check us out online. Listen to the radio station. Let us know that the hard work and effort are paying off.