The Pierce College Farm Center cutting annual corn maze

Corn grows tall in preparation for Harvest Festival. Photo: Kevin Reynolds


As you drive down Victory Blvd. you can already see the corn growing in the fields at the Pierce College Farm Center.

The growing corn is a sign that the fourteenth-annual Halloween Harvest festival is almost here.

The annual Halloween Harvest Festival will be open to the public on Sept. 23 featuring the haunted corn maze.

The corn was planted on July 20 and the maze will be cut on Sept. 3 and 4.

“We use a 120-day corn so it will be nice and green during the festival,” said Robert McBroom, farm center director. “We use a liquid Nitrogen fertilizer, which makes it grow 6-inches a day.”

The Foundation, which is a partner with Pierce College, runs the farm center. The money raised by festivals such as this one during Halloween goes into maintaining the Farm Center itself.

The farm has grown every year according to McBroom.

“We are like magic Mountain or any of them we are a permanent facility,” said McBroom. “We are not a carnival we are an agro-tourism center.”

The Harvest festival generates the money to support the farm all year according to McBroom.

Auditions for actors in the corn maze and haunted houses have already begun and are held every Saturday in September.

Other staff positions are still being hired for. Anyone interested can apply at