Club Rush

Clubs gathered on the Pierce College Mall on Tuesday, Sept. 27, for Club Rush to promote and inform students about their causes.

Free food, music, and break dancing created an electric atmosphere at the Mall. Over 20 clubs were represented, each with their own booth promoting themselves, giving out information and recruiting new members.

Last year’s Club Rush was a little unorganized because there was a huge jump in the amount of clubs on campus, according to Brad Saenz, the Club Rush organizer and advisor to the Associated Students Organization (ASO).

The club aims to help students accomplish their goals in all aspects of their life. More clubs are being represented and a lot more people are attending this year, according to Saenz.

“This year there’s more people offering services or giving food or something, creating more of a carnival atmosphere out there,” said Saenz.

Clubs like the The National Society of Leadership and Success, which was created just last spring, already have 356 members, according to Rob Dinkle, the club’s vice president.

“It’s not exactly about the free food, even though we are hungry,” said Pelu Adeleke, who joined the Black Student Union (BSU) and the International Students Club (ISC).

Boom boxes, acuistic guitars, and bongo drums were also part of the atmosphere. The Street Dance Club was even putting on random breakdance performances in the middle of the Mall with students passing by. Some new clubs were happy to be a part of the event to gain new members and more interest from the students.

“One name on our e-mailing list is enough for me,” said Edgar Rodrigez, president of Art Poetica, one of the brand new clubs on campus. Club Rush will continue Wednesday, Sept. 28, on the Pierce College Mall from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.