Men’s basketball loses season opener

The Brahmas men’s basketball team lost both games in their season opener against El Camino College.

The tournament included two away games at El Camino that were scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday.

The Brahmas took control early on, but somewhere down the line, they started to get sloppy and made little mistakes that would affect the overall game.

Head coach Edward Babayan was pacing back and forth in obvious frustration.

“Come on, guys,” yelled Babayan after the other team made a three pointer.

The supporters from Pierce College were frustrated as well.

“Defense, Defense, Defense!” shouted 23-year-old Kelly Hernandez, who came to cheer her friends.

After the first half, the Brahmas just weren’t able to pick it up. They showed a lot of drive and skill, but they just weren’t able to keep it together long enough to win either game.

 “It was terrible,” said freshman Charles Jackson, 18.

 The final score for both games were 93-72 and 73-65 on favor of El Camino

 Their next game is scheduled for Nov. 15 at Glendale College.

 For a full schedule of the games, visit

Gina Gutierrez


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