There should not be a cap of 18 units in community colleges in the LACCD

Time is precious and limiting the amount of units that a student can take during a semester is not acceptable.

Students have to work, take care of their responsibilities, find time to study, travel to school and back, and attend classes.

Allowing students to take more classes is more economical for the student because they can take more classes and still have the same amount of traveling time if they schedule their classes properly.

With the cutting of classes and the waitlist to get into classes, students find themselves not having enough units to transfer in a timely manner.

Public university’s are accepting less freshman and they are coming to community college’s first creating more competition for the spots available at the university level when it is time to transfer.

Any student that is willing to make the extra effort and study efficiently should be allowed to take as many classes that they can manage.

Limiting the amount of units that a student can have during a semester is discouraging and not acceptable.

The school and the community should praise and respect a students desire to learn more and achieve their goals faster.

The amount of units a student takes during a semester should be monitored and guidelines set so the system is not abused.

Many students sign up for classes and then drop them later taking up valuable space that another student could have.

There could be a penalty for those that abuse the system and take too many classes and then drop them later.

If a student is willing to dedicate his or her precious time to study, pass, and excel in their studies then they should be given that opportunity so they can achieve their goals.

We should be proud of those students that take school that seriously and take on the burden of accomplishing so much in so little time.

If they have the inspiration and will power to take more than eighteen units then we should support them.

Victor Stephen Kamont.