Students struggle to get classes as the semester begins

Despite the campus efforts to alleviate the stress of getting into classes by adding 40 new English and math classes students are


For those who are searching history, philosophy, sociology, and other general education classes it is anything but easy.


Tracy Wachbrit, 21, is in her second semester at Pierce, majoring in pre-veterinarian. Due to a late registration date, she has had to crash some animal science classes, which were packed with people trying to get the class.


“There was room for one more and 16 people were trying to crash,” Wachbrit said.


Mike Pearson, 25, adamantly believes the cause is too few teachers.


Pearson is majoring in kinesiology during his second semester at Pierce, and attended Moorpark College before coming to Pierce.


At Moorpark, Pearson never had to struggle with crashing a class like he does this semester at Pierce because of the large amount of teachers at Moorpark.


“It is disgusting to tell you the truth,” Pearson said.


The story is the same for many students trying to crash, whether it was due to a late registration date or procrastination. Crashers everywhere are finding it difficult to get the classes they need.


Katelyn Ericson, 19, is in her fourth semester at Pierce majoring in Anthropology.


Although she was lucky enough to get into her History 1 class, she witnessed a large amount of people who weren’t.


“In History 1 there were people lined up out the door, but the teacher only had enough space for six to add.”


Sean Jolley, 21, is attending Pierce for his 6th semester studying Psychology. He’s finding it difficult to get into the major general education classes needed for a degree.


“Like most students, it is difficult to get necessary classes like math and English,” Jolley said. “However, I’m very happy because I was finally able to get an English 101 class this semester.”


Construction is another issue on everyone’s mind, as each semester a new route gets closed and students have to search out another way to get from one side of the campus to the other.


“It gets annoying, but it is something you have to deal with,” Jolley said.


Parking, as it is at the start of every semester continues to be an issue to those trying to crash classes or just to arrive to the ones they are enrolled in on time.


Those who are familiar with the flow of students at Pierce know that finding a spot becomes less of a problem as the school year goes on.


“It makes it nicer for the students who are dedicated,” Jolley said. “You have to take it all in stride,”