Student Store sales in decline

Student Store sales have noticeably decreased due to students’ choice to buy supplies from other stores and online sources, said Assistant Bookstore Manager Candy Van.


During fall 2011, the store sold 2.1 million dollars worth of school supplies, more than an 8 percent less than in the prior semester.


“We lost a lot of sales,” Van said.


The store employees still see many people in lines to pay for their supplies, but Book Store Assistant Mildred Cross feels that the store is not as busy as it has been in the first weeks of past semester.


“It has not been busy in comparison to fall,” Cross said.


With students buying their textbooks online and in other stores such as the Woodland Textbooks to save money, it is no wonder that sales are going down, said Cross.


“We are working on the rental program to save people money,” said Van.


Still, most students get their books from other places than the Student Store.


Also, unlike in past semesters, there have not been theft attempts or disturbances caused in the store, according to Textbook Buyer Holly Hagan.


Everyone has been “nice” so far, said Cross. “After all, it’s only the first days.”