Three attempts limit starting summer 2012

California state legislators passed a policy that will deny Pierce students enrollment in a course after attempting to take it three times starting summer 2012.


The policy will block students from enrolling in courses they’ve taken or attempted to complete successfully three times at any school in the Los Angeles Community College District.


As a result, starting summer 2012, a student who was unsuccessful in passing a class three times will have to take the class in a different district, or change their academic goals.


A student’s record of a grade of W, D, F or NP will be considered as an attempt to take the course.


“[The new policy] will tighten students resources, but at the same time it will help many of these students in becoming more responsible and disciplined in their studies,” said Academic Senate President Tom Rosdahl.


According to the policy, if a student drops a course by the last date to drop a class without a W, it will not count against them if they decide to take the course again.


But if that date passes, and the student drops the course, it will show in their record as a W, and be considered a failed attempt.


Students can avoid a failed attempt by meeting with a counselor within the first weeks of the semester and planning a schedule that meets their requirements and their availability, said Student Services Dean Marco J. De La Garza.


It is best to take the regular nine to twelve units, as opposed to taking fifteen to eighteen units and being unable to dedicate time to each one, he said.


According to statistics, about 60 percent of students pass a course, leaving 40 percent to choose whether to retake the class or consider a different option.


“Hopefully next semester, when the policy is enforced, I’ll have a higher chance of adding a class the first week of school,” said Pierce Student Frank Randazzo.