Higher education worth the higher cost

The money spent on college education these days fluctuates as much as the current temperature of the weather in the San Fernando Valley, and with that in mind, it still manages to rise every year.


One would wonder if the higher costs for highly regarded educational institutions are worth the price of admission, but if students reflect on what they will be gaining in the process, the knowledge reserved is meant to certify graduates for career work that would do more than just pay back school dues.


The average tuition cost for public college students is around $8,000  yearly, according to the College Board website, and as long as the end result is the same after graduation, the price is worth it.


College Board also states that usually the higher the cost for the college means it is more likely students will have access to multiple financial aid programs.


When looking at other options like vocational/trade schools or joining the military, the benefits are limited to whatever particular field is offered, while a college, public or private, is expected to have a wide variety of paths to take to further career goals.


The benefits of joining the military vary on the goals of the individual, but the according to the official website, active service can be used to obtain up to $50,000 for college expenses if one decides to leave after a full tour on duty. Not to mention military-specific scholarships, of which there are plenty.


The worth of schooling shouldn’t be measured by its cost as if it is some sort of product of entertainment; the experience gained is something used all throughout life to benefit the individual as well as supporting the country.


Looking at the state of the unstable economy, government spending on education is one popular topic of discussion and a high priority of the president to help make schooling more affordable to those hesitant or incapable up against the rising costs.


While education is still at relatively high costs these days, the sheer importance of taking advantage of whatever aid and scholarship is offered can make the future of education a bit easier to cope with, and the potential and life benefits that comes with a college degree is close to priceless.