Choose wisely when it comes to higher education

As a student I often worry if the time and money I’m putting into my higher education will be worth it someday.


The outlook is depressing, mostly in the sense that if I transfer where I want to I will end up in a huge hole of debt before I even begin job hunting.


This is not a good thing, especially when according to the Los Angeles Times, the College Board found that California’s tuition increase is more than double that of the national average for four-year schools.


More information released by the L.A. Times tells us that California has “lost its status as leader in such areas as affordability, college-going rates and investment in higher education.”


Politically important men and professors at Pierce discuss whether or not they believe that higher education is worth it in this day and age.


In the past my grandfather told me that going to college was a guaranteed job as soon as you graduated, these days that is most definitely not the case.


Looking over the rates of a recent study that claims to prove that going to college is better than not, I am not convinced.


A conducted study claimed that even factoring in the debts that college students hold, they make more than high-school diploma holders.


This may be true but even with a $100 increase, after all the debt payments have been dealt with how much money is left for you?


I know that I do not want to work my butt off in college only to get a job working even harder to barely make it by paying my rent and my debt.


The reason we are in college is to get the jobs we want, making enough money to have an enjoyable life, free from the worries of poverty.


Also, students must take into consideration the major and the school they are choosing.  Stepping into this economy as a poetry major from U.C. Berkeley, you may be making as much as the high-school graduate who had some connections, especially after you deduct your debt payments.


At the end of the day there are many factors in deciding whether or not college is worth it, what field you choose and what school you go to.  Yet, if you do not account for these factors and you expect to land a job months out of college you need to wake up to the new age.


Getting a job with any college degree takes some effort and having actual job experience is a plus you cannot afford to miss out on.  Do the research and do not wind up in heavy debt slaving away at a job you don’t enjoy.