Welcome to the French club

No, you do not have to know what that means to join the French club on campus.


A friendly group of members gather on Thursdays from 1 to 2 P.M in Bus 3205 and shares their love of all things French.


They are few but faithful club members and due to Club Rush they are looking forward to seeing new faces.


“I don’t know any French, “ Rosa Eligio an 18 year old sociology major said, but she is interested in hiking and French Films.


Eligio is in luck because the French club currently host French Film Fridays starting at 5 P.M. in Bus 3205


The club is also preparing for French Culture Day on March 20. The club is also planning a trip to the J. Paul Getty Museum after spring break.


Assistant Professor of French Anne Le Barbu is the clubs advisor hopes that the members practice their French during the meeting.


“You don’t have to speak French,” Le Barbu said to the new club members, “you have to be interested in the culture.”


Club vice president, Maria Urruc 19 anthropology major, said is looking forward is aimed at students who for one reason or another are not able to make it to the French Club meetings.


“It’s going to be called ‘A Guide to Surviving in France,” Urruc said.


Urruc also stated that she loves the French Culture especially the art and the food.


The members and their advisor are very enthusiastic about the future of the French club. This semester the club has met twice, but is welcoming to new members all year round.


“[I like] just how friendly everybody is, “ Eligo said.


To learn more about the French club or any of the other clubs on campus visit http://pierceaso.webs.com/clubs.htm for a complete list.


You can also to start your own club by filling out the proper form at http://pierceaso.webs.com/Forms/new%20club%20application%20template.pdf