Campus administration opens charity for farm

The Pierce College administration created a charity for the campus farm due to recent concern about its financial stability.


The “Friends of the Pierce College Farm” account, created through the Pierce College Foundation, is targeted to raise awareness to the farm’s problems, President Kathleen Burke-Kelly said.


She does not know how much money is currently in the account, but the account will be publicized by the Foundation.


This is not the first charity account that has been opened for the Pierce College Farm through the Foundation.


According to Department Chair of Agriculture Leland Shapiro, he set up an account called “Adopt a Cow” about five years ago.


There is currently about $5,000 in “Adopt a Cow,” and Shapiro would like to save about $7,300 through it to buy a truck and a trailer for the hay at the farm.


They are currently accepting donations at their website.