More than a teacher: Freelance painter Monika Del Bosque

Instructor of Arts Monika Del Bosque is an innovative active freelance artist, extremely passionate, and a highly talented painter.


Del Bosque, who received certificates in Museum Collections Management and Dream Studies/Art Education, remains influenced by others.


Patssi Valdez, Inez Storer, Squeak Carnwath, Ida Applebroog are among her influences, according to her website’s biography.


“I have worked in many mediums including but not limited to ceramics, photography, performance, and printmaking. I consider myself a ‘draw-er’ first and foremost. Eventually, painting became a way to add depth to my drawings and a way to marry my deep love of color with my innate relationship to line. My work is fundamentally built upon geometric forms—the rectangle, the square, and the circle,” said Del Bosque on her website.


Del Bosque attended Ventura College, later transferring to the University of California Berkeley, and graduating from John F. Kennedy University with a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts.


“She is [admirable],” former student Stephanie Lewis said. “I was not very interested in art when I first signed up for her class, but Monika made me want to learn more about art techniques.”


“My art’s deeply personal beginning becomes the narrative for our collective experiences. Thus, through art, I bridge a gap between language, time, and place that cannot occur otherwise. My work has been about many things over the years, but the one common theme that runs through every genre of work is identity,” according to Del Bosque.


“I have friends who have taken her class and say they can see the art in things we use everyday,” Pierce student Andrew Payne said.