New psychology club plans for exciting field trips

Pierce College is now home to a new psychology club.

Esmeralda Catalan is the president of the club; it was her idea that she brought to life.

Psychology is one of the most popular majors, there is no one to talk to about her passion, Catalan said.

“We’re very fortunate to have the faculty and a lot of students who are passionate,” said Catalan.

Yuliya Zinkevich, has been with the Psych Club since the early days when there were only two or three people and now sees she sees the difference.

“Now it’s the third meeting where I see the same faces,” said Zinkevich.

In their club meetings they have specific topics they want to discuss with papers and writings they send out to their members. They critically analyze the writings and have an open discussion about them.

There are also professors that go to the meetings to help answer questions and clear up any issues.

“I’m not a psychology major but I love it,” Alexandra Rodarte an unofficial officer said. “The club is for everyone.”

The club members are hoping to take a trip to the Museum of Death and the Museum of Psychiatric Death.

“It sounds interesting, I don’t know much about them but I know that they have information on serial killers,” Roxana Lopez, club webmaster said. “It sounds pretty cool.”

Psych Club will be fundraising at CPK on Friday May 4,

“We’ve been trying to get the funds together to do a film screening and have a panel discussion afterwards,” Professor Angela Belden said. “It would be super fun.”

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