Pierce textbook buyer has a passion for helping others

The textbook buyer for Pierce is part of something much bigger than schoolwork, and that includes helping people in life threatening situations.


Holly Hagan is the co-leader in the Campus Violence Response Team (C.V.R.T.).


C.V.R.T. is a group of people that respond to students, faculty or staff who are living in a domestically violent home, those who are being stalked and/or those who have been sexually assaulted.


For the individual who has been sexually assaulted, a member of the team will send them to a place where they can get a physical examination, not only to make sure the victim is taken care of but also to keep any physical evidence.


Anyone living with domestic violence will be given the resources to go to a special center where they can recieve help and advice.


“I think it’s excellent especially because it’s available to students. Most of the time when you think of domestic abuse you think of older married couples but there are plenty of young people dealing with it,” Pierce student, Ulysses Escartin said. “Even for advice, I think it’s great.”


Hagan is passionate about C.V.R.T. because she is a survivor of domestic violence and sexual assault herself.


“I live my life to be a good person, as long as you’re a good person that is the most rewarding thing in life,” Hagan said.


There are certain members of the team that are mandated reporters such as Beth Benne, the Director of the Health Center, and the Sheriff’s Station. A mandated reporter means they are required by law to report violent cases.


If the individual does not want to press charges the club will lead you to members of the team, such as Holly, that can just listen and help.


One of the main projects C.V.R.T. does is a clothesline project that takes place during Denim Day. Holly Hagan runs the event and sets up the clothes line.