Meet the new ASO vice president

The elected Associated Students Organization vice president for 2012-13 plans to lead on the platform of raising money for the school and improving the sense of community students feel at Pierce.


Kevin Sparks  voiced his concern about the school losing almost $4 million.


“We need to focus on making money for the school,” Sparks said. “I personally think it’s very possible to raise this money.”


In addition to focusing on financial problems, Sparks plans to help unite peers on campus. This improvement of the college’s community has been a major issue to Sparks, and was his main platform when he ran for ASO president two years ago.


Sparks plans to improve Pierce’s sense of community by throwing more events and increasing students’ awareness of clubs.


“I want to make Pierce more fun,” he said. “No one knows each other. It’s purely an academic school.”


Sparks, who has been attending Pierce since 2009, is currently majoring in political science.


He loves the clubs that can be found around campus and is excited that the number of clubs has doubled from 30 to 60 since he’s attended school.


Although he does not participate in any sports at Pierce, Sparks enjoys running, and was even involved in track and field and cross-country at Crespi High School.


“I’ve heard he’s really charismatic and friendly. I hope he makes changes around here. I hope he has a voice,” 19-year-old Pierce student Daniel Abramyan said.


Sparks says that when it comes to solving these problems at school, he knows that there is going to be some criticism.


“I’m very outgoing,” Sparks said. “I don’t like to argue. I like to solve problems.”


Sparks is prepared to defend himself against these critics, but believes it is more important to be able to listen to people and bend to the needs of the school.


A personal friend of Sparks, Pat Lewis, knows that the new vice president will stick to his word, saying that Sparks is “friendly and willing to talk about any problems you have.”