Students celebrate May Day and diversity

Salsa music spilled through the speakers as a live band played for a large gathering of students during the Cultural Diversity Celebration on May 1.



Food trucks featuring Cuban, American, and Mexican food were lined up on campus, allowing students to try out various foods from different cultures.



“It’s interesting. I’m definitely into the music and I like the style they’re putting into it,” Anirudh Rai, who attended the event, said.



Andre Morris played the trombone for the live band, Latin Sol.



The lead singer, Angelo Salazar, is a Pierce student.



A group of students sat watching and listening while others started dancing.



“I think the music is bomb. I haven’t tried [the food] yet but I’m trying to get to it,” Angel Rosales said.



The Cuban food truck featured classic Cuban food such as black beans and rice, fried plantains, and several others.



A May Day event was occurring simultaneously right next to the celebration so students were attending that as well.



Paige Reimer was there to support her friend and the cause.



“My friend is one of the people speaking about budget cuts and where our school’s money goes when it’s not going to the school,” Reimer said. “I just learned about May Day last Monday.”


Assistant Professor of Sociology James McKeever was at the event, supporting the May Day celebration and supporting students speaking their minds.



“It’s International Worker’s Day Rights, it’s celebrating all of the things we have, that we appreciate that workers and unions have fought for,” McKeever said.



Students weren’t just celebrating but also using the event as a time to speak against increasingly serious budget issues and budget cuts.



With a microphone and a mini stage, students protested with words.



With all of the incidents surrounding students protesting, Reimer spoke out about the fear behind it now.



“All the protesting that has worked in the past is now illegal and it’s really sad,” Reimer said.