Program provide fun to non-credit classes

The Extension Program, which offers non-credit and non-unit classes for both adults and children, provides more than just education to its participants.


“You’re gaining your own knowledge. We have really great teachers,” Kristina Tetrosyan, assistant in the Extension Program’s office, said.


Nima Ganjehloo, 19, an electronic engineering major, said that he would be interested in taking some of the courses that the Extension Program offers.


“If I’d like to gain a certain a skill and have free time I’d take a class that offers no units. Sadly that opportunity hasn’t come by yet,” Ganjehloo said.


However, for students like Brandon Katz, 18, a film major, classes don’t interest him unless they could help him progress towards getting his degree.


“I would not take any classes with no units,” Katz said. “It seems pointless for the reason I am going to college.”


Children often prefer the more activity-oriented programs, such as swimming and summer camps, while adults prefer classes that offer low-impact exercise, such as yoga, or classes that provide life skills, such as financial workshops, according to Tetrosyan.


There are no requirements to taking part in the program.


“Anyone can take our classes but there are some age restrictions,” Tetrosyan said.

Many adults use the workshops to gain new skills that could be used as a “stepping stone” for jobs, said Tetrosyan.


Overall, Tetrosyan believes that the courses offered by the Extension Program are both fun and educational.


“It’s great enrichment of kids,” Tetrosyan said. “While having fun, they don’t forget their stuff for next school year.”