Anthropology professor will retire after 32 years

Among the retirements Pierce will have at the end of this semester is David Shutzer, who has been an anthropology professor with Pierce for 32 years.


Beginning in 1968, Shutzer worked at Los Angeles Valley College until 1980, when he worked part-time with Valley and Pierce before coming to Pierce full-time in 1985.


Of all the memories that Shutzer has of Pierce, the students he has taught are the ones he cherishes above all, and will miss most of all once he retires.


“Just great students we got here,” Shutzer said. “They’re interested in learning, bright and just great students.”


Paulina Giangregorio, 21, is in Shutzer’s Anthropology 101 class, and has enjoyed her time in his class.


“He’s really passionate about his subject, and that’s really hard to find in teachers,” Giangregorio said.


English major Amanda Glover, 22, has never had Shutzer before this, but is saddened by his departure.


“I’m going to miss his eloquent lectures,” Glover said. “He has a very witty sense about him. I don’t feel a person is known for how much wisdom they have but how much they give back, and he gives back more than he has.”