Department chair to become adjunct professor

After teaching at Pierce College for 45 years, Lynne O’Hanlon, chair of the Computer Science Department, will be retiring from her current position and continuing to teach as an adjunct professor.


O’Hanlon began her teaching career at Pierce College by instructing physical education classes.


Then in the 1980s, she learned computer science and began teaching web development classes and serving as the chair of the Computer Science Department.


One of O’Hanlon’s most memorable moments was teaching archery at Pierce.
“One errant arrow flew over the fence, across Victory Boulevard, and through the open convertible top of a passing car. The driver was not injured,” O’Hanlon said.


O’Hanlon graduated from California State University, Northridge with a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and teaching credential. She later retrained in computer science at California Lutheran University.


Aside from working with computer science, O’Hanlon also teaches Theory and Application of Aerobics and Conditioning, a course she created 35 years ago to train aerobics instructors and personal trainers. O’Hanlon has also authored eight books used in a variety of classes at Pierce.


However, O’Hanlon is still looking forward to celebrating her retirement by traveling.


“My husband retired three years ago, and we plan to do some traveling in our new recreational vehicle,” O’Hanlon said.


According to O’Hanlon, they plan to take an Alaskan cruise, camp in their new RV along the coasts of California, Oregon, and Washington and spend two weeks in Hawaii.


“My teaching career has been challenging at times and very rewarding,” O’Hanlon said. “[I] still love teaching the students and seeing them light up as they learn a new skill, solve a problem or successfully complete a class project.”