Hollywood A-listers dine in parking lot 1

Channing Tatum and Joseph Gordon-Levitt were part of a large film crew that set up just outside the Pierce College North Gym on Thursday, June 21, 2012 in Woodland Hills, Calif.


The two actors, along with nearly fifty cast and crew were seen giving interviews, speaking with coworkers and walking around the campus on Thursday afternoon.


Electrical cables, lights and other equipment lined the entrance to the gymnasium, where wardrobe and makeup stations for the undisclosed film were located.


Six trailers lined up on the Avenue of Champions, and provided direct access to the set for the A-list actors.


Security was on hand to ensure no Pierce College students could gain access to the areas being used or to the actors themselves.


Craft services tables set up in parking lot 1 filled up near 3 P.M. as people took breaks from shooting to eat meals prepared by workers in food trucks.


Requests for interviews and pictures were denied multiple times, and no information about the nature of the visit was given.


Television and motion picture film crews frequently utilize areas of Pierce College, and coordinate through Public Relations.