First day for new dean

Mary Anne Gavarra-Oh. Photo: Steve Palma
Mary Anne Gavarra-Oh. Photo: Steve Palma



For her first day on the job, Mary Anne Gavarra-Oh is glad that the school has been welcoming, in more ways than one.


“I’ve never had a welcome like this before–a newspaper interview the first day,” she said.


Gavarra-Oh started her job as Dean of Academic Affairs on September 12.


She will be overseeing the departments of Arts and Architecture, Media Arts, Community Services, Physical Education, and the ENCORE Program.


Gavarra-Oh previously worked at West LA College, and in total she’s spent more than 20 years working in the Los Angeles Community College District.


She came to Pierce for the greater opportunities, she said.


“Pierce has always had a great reputation in the district,” Gavarra-Oh said. “It’s probably the premier college in the district.”


As a dean, she’ll have to deal with reductions in the departments she oversees, but with a background in student services, she hopes to minimize the effects cutbacks could have on students.


“I want to promote a strong students come first mentality,” she said.


Gavarra-Oh’s office is located inside Academic Affairs in Village 8213, and she plans on spending the coming days familiarizing herself with staff and students.


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