Sheriffs respond in Village

Sheriff Security Officer A. Morales speaks with a Pierce College student after receiving a phone call reporting suspicious student activity in the North Gym at Pierce in Woodland Hills, Calif. on Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2012. Photo: Todd Rosenblatt


Sheriff’s personnel responded quickly to a call reporting possible suspicious student activity in the Pierce College Village on Wednesday, according to campus officials.


Sheriff’s officer Jim Brown confirmed that an anonymous call came in from the North Gym on Sept. 19, 2012.


A single sheriff’s officer on bicycle patrol intercepted the student just outside Building 8300, followed within minutes by an officer arriving on foot.


The student, who declined an interview, had come into contact with campus law enforcement before and was legitimately on campus, according to Brown.


The student had been looking for their locker, according to Brown.


Brown has been with the department for 12 years here at Pierce.


Being one of the original officers assigned when the Sheriff’s Station first opened on campus 12 years ago, Brown and his colleagues have developed a rapport with students and remembers their interactions.


“People call, but then we roll up and we recognize them,” Brown said.


Officer Angel Morales displayed patience on the scene as he interacted with the student.


The student had done nothing illegal and was subsequently free to go.


“Make sure you don’t have anything there that’s not supposed to be here,” Morales said.


Campus law enforcement personnel then continued on with their patrol duties.


The student left the Village without incident.


“You’ve got to figure out what you have before you jump in,” Brown said.


Sheriffs deputies demonstrated their continued ability to respond quickly despite the recent personnel cuts.


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