Parade of Breeds showcases Equestrian Center



The Equestrian Center at Los Angeles Pierce College hosted its annual Parade of Breeds on Wednesday.


The parade showed 57 different horse breeds, and educated students and members of the local community.


The hosts for the event were Ron Wechsler and Director for the Horse Science Program Paddy Warner.


“It’s a production,” Wechsler said. “We started this 3 years ago, and its purpose is to educate our students.”


Students and the community were amazed at the different variety of animals.


“You will never see this many breeds all at one time,” Warner said .


Boots and Saddles club member Jessica Durtson was on hand to support her club.


“This is a big opportunity to… educate students while supporting the community, Durston said.”


The club’s mission is to promote and cultivate interests in the Agriculture Department with the specific emphasis on the horse science program.


Boots and Saddles raised funds by providing coffee and other beverages, as well as food for the Parade.


Students like Amber Rickson, who attended hoping to pursue a degree in this field, had to take a quiz on the 57 breeds.


“I plan to be a horse veterinarian, and [I’ve] been around horses all of my life,” Rickson said. “I wish to aid horses at racing tracks.”


The Equestrian Center is hosting two events this upcoming November 10 and 11.


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