Early drop dates better for serious students

“Excuse me….excuse me….pardon me…I’m so sorry!”

Remember the beginning of the semester when thousands of students were running around, struggling to crash courses? Most likely you were one of those students.


At first it always seems like a herd of people around the whole school during the first week, and then as the weeks pass by it seems like a majority of those students just disappear.


For whatever reason, delaying the inevitable dropping of a class seems a bit unfair to everyone—to the students who are assigned a later registration date than others or the students who need specific classes to transfer or graduate.


The new drop deadline helps Pierce College to weed out students who are less dedicated to a class than others.


And, if a student decided that they wanted to transfer to a university that follows the quarter class schedule, like the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) or the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), then that student must prepare for a two week drop deadline at such schools.


For example UCLA’s winter quarter, the first day of instruction is on January 9, 2013 while it’s last day to drop is January 20, 2013, and UCSD’s Fall instruction begins on September 27 and it’s last day to drop without a ‘W’ is October 26.


It is imperative to know that this effort has not just been implemented at Pierce College only, but statewide for community colleges, according to Pierce Public Relations Manager Doreen Clay.


“We didn’t have any say in it,” said Clay. “It is in fact a part of California effort to help students succeed by being able to get in, get their classes, and keep moving to graduate or transfer.”


This state effort, along with the Student Success Initiative, which implemented a number of recommendations to help students who are having difficulty getting into classes, consequently is a ““Bold Plan for Refocusing on Student Success,” according to the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office website.


Perhaps finally has come a time when students no longer have to duel to the death every semester to get classes anymore.


For more information on the new Drop Deadline policy and be prepared for the following semesters, visit piercecollege.edu or cccco.edu.

Kashish Nizami


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