Students need remedial bathroom training

Tap, tap, tapping my foot while taking my math test,  I had an important decision to make.


Finally, deciding that it could no longer be held in, I ran to the bathroom, only to have my favorite boots stuck to the floor.




The urine on the floor, ants along the wall, dust, dirt-streaked walls—what is this madness?


I found one stall with toilet seat covers—the dispenser was broken, so I had to rip out a wad of seat covers and sit down before realizing that the toilet paper and then later soap, were nowhere in sight.


Sound familiar?


I know I’m not alone—I’ve definitely heard the anger of women in the stalls next to mine more than a few times.


Sadly, it’s situations like this that are upsetting Pierce College students across campus, as restrooms remain poorly kept.


Normally, students would blame the school or the janitorial staff for this repulsion on campus.


However, the janitorial staff at Pierce College should be commended for the hard work they put in to clean these restrooms.


Director of Facilities Paul Nieman explained the extensive hours at which the school staff work.


The staff works throughout the school week from 4:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., and works another shift from noon to 8:30 p.m. from Mondays through Thursdays and from 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.


Besides those hours, the janitorial staff seems to be quite understaffed as well, according to the numbers Nieman gave.


“If everyone shows up at a shift, we would have 18 people on campus,” Nieman said. “The best we can receive is 21 people total.”


So the question becomes, who do we blame?


I say, take the torches to the district!


But wait. Nieman brought up the two words that seems far too prevalent to California students—“budget cuts.”


So that leaves only that last group of people to blame—the students.


What can we do to change this situation?


Perhaps we can create a volunteer program of some sort.


A club could be started or teachers could provide extra credit for just picking up a little bit in the bathrooms.


Or, maybe you can just flush that toilet that made you run out of that stall, or pick that paper up off the ground.


Hey, even if they’re out of soap, there will always be water to wash your hands afterward , unless you’re in the downstairs Center for the Sciences building.


To report a bathroom that made you want to scream, call (818) 719-6441.

Kashish Nizami


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