Forwards represent dual threat for Pierce opponents

In order to be a successful soccer player, dedication and passion for the sport is essential.


Pierce College soccer players Shawnie Moore and Jacqueline Hilario are examples of dedicated athletes who have love for the game.


Moore was born in Texas and later came to California where she graduated from St. Genevieve High School.


Growing up, Moore was especially close to her mother who has always been very supportive of all her endeavors.


“She likes it because she knows how much I like it,” Moore said when asked about how her mother feels about her joining the college soccer team.


During her senior year in high school, she met Coach Adolfo Perez who suggested she play for the Pierce College soccer team after noticing her skills.


“Shawnie brings speed and athleticism to the game,” Coach Perez said.


Moore has been playing soccer for 11 years and does not plan to stop playing anytime soon.


“When I was younger, I tried every sport but soccer came naturally,” Moore said. “So I kept playing it growing up.”


Moore wants to attend the University of Southern California or Arizona State University after Pierce, where she plans to major in Psychology and will continue to play her favorite sport.


Moore also said that professional soccer player Hope Amelia Solo is an inspiration to her and that she enjoys running with her mother when she isn’t playing soccer.


Hilario was born in Granada Hills, Calif. and attended El Camino High School.


Hilario met Coach Perez when she joined his soccer club at the age of nine.


He later suggested that she play for the Pierce College team.


“Jackie gives us a lot of composure and ability to score goals,” Perez said.


Hilario has been playing soccer since age six and played for her father’s soccer team which consisted of mostly male players.


“We are all a soccer family,” Hilario said. “They support me and they always come to my games.”


Hilario plans to major in kinesiology and physical therapy as well as attend a Division I college.


Wherever she goes, she will continue to pursue soccer and improve her skill.


“I have passion for the game because it gives me something to look forward to– a motive in life,” Hilario said.


Hilario also said that an inspirational player she looks up to is Alex Morgan and that she has no other hobbies because she is fully dedicated to soccer.


Pierce College soccer player Joandra Ramirez only had great things to say about both girls.


 “It is great to play with both of them because they are key players to the game,” Ramirez said. “They give us more hope to score goals.”


Both Moore and Hilario have only played for Pierce this year but hope to continue playing for future semesters.


With supportive family members and heart for the game, both girls are looking forward to winning more games and representing Pierce College with honor by incorporating their skill and teamwork.