Weather station celebration brings out the crowd




The Pierce College Weather Station held their rededication event Oct. 11 in honor of new upgrades to the station, funded in part by Congressman Brad Sherman.


Professor Bill Russell and volunteer Steve Woodruff were awarded for their years of service at the weather station. Congressman Sherman spoke and was recognized for his efforts in securing the $85,000 grant that paid for the weather station’s latest improvements.


Media outlets such as the Los Angeles Times and ABC 7 News were present at the rededication event.


Students and faculty got a chance to tour the station and examine its latest advancements.


Professor Jason Finley, who’s the director of the weather station, foresees that the rededication event will spark off a wave of renewed interest in the station.


In the future, Finley hopes that the college will continue to support the weather station with new grant work and a new entrance off of Brahma Drive. The station also has plans to create a museum for older pieces of equipment, Finley said.